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History Of
Our Bakery

Beigel bake is one of the famous beigels bakery located at brick lane street in London. Our bakery is established in the year 1974. Our bakery opens 24 hours every day to serve freshly baked filled bagels to the people.
One of our most famous bagels are bagels with salt beef with mustard.We provide cheapest and best food in all of London.The new bagel product is rainbow bagel which means bagel with multi colour which is slightly sweeter than the plain original.

More About
Beigel Bake

We are one of the largest beigels producing bakery in brick lane location.Our products are very delicious and fine compared to other beigels bakery.We serve freshly baked bagels to all the customers.

Our bakery never fails to deliver no matter your desire or choice of bagel filling at whatever time of the day or night. You can not find such incredible tastes with rock bottom prices in London.We provide quick,efficient and consistent service to the people.We also provide fine and delicious tasty smooth bread,cakes,donuts,sandwiches and drinks.Our restaurant was rated three stars by Time Out London magazine in 2010.